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Selbyville water report shows no violations, but high numbers

All central water systems are required to produce an annual report under the Safe Drinking Water Act. It’s meant to tell people where water comes from, what it contains and how it stacks up against regulatory standards. The Town of Selbyville’s water system report was recently released for the 2016 year.

Fenwick officials ready to tackle sidewalks again

The Town of Fenwick Island had dreams of new sidewalks to safely connect the town. Over the past decade, they added a few sidewalks, but in many places, pedestrians must still tiptoe around traffic or through parking lots.

On July 7, most of the town council and a few others gathered to broach the topic again, under the new Pedestrian Safety & Sidewalk Committee.

Bethany committee evaluating beach regulations this summer

Bethany Beach officials are documenting and monitoring beach-related issues this summer, after briefly considering a ban on tents, canopies and large umbrellas on the beach. The Town considered the changes this spring in the wake of similar regulations being instituted in nearby Rehoboth Beach. But, for now, it’s a wait-and-see approach in Bethany.

St. Ann’s Bazaar ready to sell ‘millions’ of items

Hundreds of community members and visitors alike look forward each year to the Parish of St. Ann’s Bazaar, which is celebrating its 37th year in 2017.

The bazaar will be held this weekend, with its traditional premier night on Thursday, Aug. 3, from 4 to 8 p.m. With a $5 donation, attendees that night can get first dibs on the thousands of items for sale — from toys to housewares, small appliances to furniture.

The bazaar has no admission charge during its hours on Friday, Aug. 4, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, Aug. 5, from 9 a.m. to noon.

Those who attend can also purchase barbecue donated by Bethany Blues and baked goods made by the church’s own parishioners.

Editorial — We ask Fenwick to keep working on sidewalks

Pedestrian and bicyclist safety are major concerns for all our coastal towns. As well they should be.

Point of No Return — Once again, World Series, athletes shine bright

There are three certainties one can count on in this community during the month of August: You will get angry at a fellow driver; you will hear at least one conversation a day about the quality of our local corn; and some of the best young softball players in the world will be displaying their talents in Roxana.

Civil War Profiles — The Koch brothers during the Civil War

In today’s political environment, the Koch brothers, Charles and David, are well known as the owners of Koch Industries, one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States, and contributors to conservative candidates for political office. More than 150 years ago, however, another set of Koch brothers, Francis and Allen, from Schuylkill County, Pa., served in the Union army for virtually the entire Civil War, for a cause they held dear.

Assateague pony dies after eating dog food, officials say

A few days before Chama Wingapo — a 7-year-old mare that was part of the wild pony herds of Assateague — was found dead without visible injuries in one of the Assateague Island National Seashore’s campgrounds, rangers noticed her odd behavior and attributed it to the usual cause: human involvement.

Maryland woman suffers broken leg as car rolls into canal

A 76-year-old Stevensville, Md., woman suffered a broken leg on Sunday, July 30, when the car she had been driving rolled over her leg as it crashed into a canal at Treasure Beach Campground.

Boardwalk buddies create upbeat daily tradition

Special to the Coastal Point • Lilly Blomquist Some of the boardwalk buddies gather on the boardwalk, under the clock.Special to the Coastal Point • Lilly Blomquist Some of the boardwalk buddies gather on the boardwalk, under the clock.Waves crashing against the shore and seagulls cawing in the air are not the only sounds and sights that fill the town of Bethany Beach each morning. Augmenting these daily components of the beach, a group of about 13 men spend every morning chatting with one another about a variety of topics, exchanging jokes and greeting residents and visitors.

All year ’round, except in snow or heavy rain, from around 6 or 7 a.m. until about 9:45 a.m., the men sit on the benches underneath the iconic clock on the boardwalk, beginning their days with sea breeze, sunshine and social interaction.

Setting the tone for the rest of their day, the meetings leave the group members in high spirits, which is why the men said they find themselves continuing to congregate on the boardwalk every day.

Former sports writer to sign novel in Bethany on Aug. 6

Author Adam Gordon Sachs will be signing his book “Three Yards & a Plate of Mullet” at Bethany Beach Books on Sunday, Aug. 6, and will also discuss his experiences working as a sports writer and discuss themes of journalism, personal discovery, friendship, high school sports and the 1980s.

Local musicians get their time under the lights

Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: Mama’s Black Sheep jams out on stage during the first Locals event at the Freeman Stage at Bayside.Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: Mama’s Black Sheep jams out on stage during the first Locals event at the Freeman Stage at Bayside.For the fifth season, the Freeman Stage at Bayside in Selbyville is hosting its Locals under the Lights performances, so that local up-and-coming artists have the opportunity to further their musical interests while audience members are able to appreciate the local talent.

This summer’s second Locals under the Lights will take place Thursday, Aug. 10.

“We want to help not only expose a variety of art media to people, but we want to be able to let people express their love for music and performing as well,” said Alyson Cunningham, communications and public relations manager for the Freeman Stage.

From 7 to 9 p.m. on Aug. 10, people of all ages are being invited to listen to vocal and instrumental performances from 5th Avenue, Cologne, Hedera SOJO, Bad Avenue Band and Jacob Osias, while sitting on the lawn in front of the stage.

Readers donate a favorite and buy someone else’s

Book lovers from all over Sussex County and beyond get the chance to both donate and buy books during the Friends of the South Coastal Library’s Summer Book Sale.

Magic, mysticism and mentalists at Dickens theatre

John StetsonJohn StetsonWhat is it about magic that draws people in, regardless of age, background, or personality? Is it the allure of the mysterious, of the unknown? Is it the attraction of darkened theaters, thick velvet curtains and buttered popcorn? The promises of knowledge about the future; miracles spun under the fingers of witty wizards?

Maybe all of these factors play a part, but perhaps what truly entices people is the notion that, if just for a moment, they can believe in the impossible. Minds can be read. Objects can disappear. Anything one can dream becomes irresistibly within reach.

Dickens Parlour Theatre — and the host of world-renowned expert magicians who travel to perform there — offers the chance to make dreams of the impossible come true. In an enchanting Victorian theater, both adults and children are astonished and mystified daily. And, this week, a truly special act is coming to the theater.

Bethany 5K walk/run to benefit Alzheimer’s Association

Coastal Point • Submitted: Runners take off from the start line during last year’s Athletes Against Alzheimers Run/Walk 5K.Coastal Point • Submitted: Runners take off from the start line during last year’s Athletes Against Alzheimers Run/Walk 5K.Approximately 200,000 Americans younger than 65 have early-onset Alzheimer’s, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, and with Sussex County’s growing senior population, Alzheimer’s is a cause near and dear to many people’s hearts.

Local business owner Michael Loftus of Loftus Wealth Strategies knows the disease firsthand.

“My father, Jim, passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2013. From the experience of him going through it, I knew I wanted to do something to bring awareness and raise money for Alzheimer’s research and help.”

Based on his own experience, Loftus chose to organize a 5K run/walk in Bethany Beach to raise money.

Pickleball in Lower Slower Delaware (LSD)

Sitting at courtside, waiting to take the next available court, someone is sure to make a negative comment about a workman who is, or was, scheduled to repair or install something in their home, and end the conversation with “but this is Lower Slower Delaware.”

White Marlin Open ready to set lines on Monday

Ocean City, Md.’s 44th annual White Marlin Open — one of the largest billfish tournaments in the world — kicks off Monday, Aug. 7, with fishing continuing through Friday, Aug. 11.

School board wants consistent rules for school choice

Kevin Patterson’s third-grade daughter has found success in the Indian River School District, and he looked forward to sending his son to kindergarten this fall. But, living outside the district, the boy isn’t guaranteed a spot, and the school has recommended that the school board reject his school choice application.

Weaver taking over as Chamber director

The Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce announced on Wednesday the resignation of executive director Kristie Maravalli, who will become the director of development for the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation. Lauren Weaver, currently the events and member-relations manager for the Chamber, will assume the role of executive director effective Monday, Aug. 7.

Family donates a historic $10M toward Beebe upgrades

It might be one of the biggest charitable donations ever in Sussex County, and it’s coming from Atlanta, Ga. But the Rollins family hasn’t forgotten its roots in Lewes or their love for Beebe hospital.

That’s why Margaret “Peggy” Rollins and R. Randall Rollins are giving $10 million toward Beebe Healthcare’s planned expansion.

State plans for Fenwick lighthouse and keeper’s home

Coastal Point • File Photo: The Fenwick Island Lighthouse’s keeper’s house, on the left, will become a public historical site, if state historians can get their plans, and finances, approved.Coastal Point • File Photo: The Fenwick Island Lighthouse’s keeper’s house, on the left, will become a public historical site, if state historians can get their plans, and finances, approved.In days gone by, sailors looked for the beacon on dark nights. The Fenwick Island Lighthouse warned ships away from the shallows that could trap or shred a boat to bits, depending on the weather. And lighthouse staff were so dedicated to their jobs that they lived next door.

Today, the State of Delaware wants to show people a slice of that life by renovating the keeper’s house into a public historical site.

Delaware has long owned the lighthouse and more recently acquired the keeper’s house, just to the west, said Tim Slavin, director of Delaware’s Division of Historical & Cultural Affairs.

“We are looking at creating that keeper’s house into a kind of community site and interpretive center for lectures or gatherings of any kind,” Slavin said. “We’re also going to do a little better job of marrying the two parcels together, … create a campus there, so when people visit, it’s more than just two parcels.”

Forget ‘Rock ’n’ Roll High School — try rock summer camp

Kids get a taste of performing like the pros

School band isn’t a perfect fit for some kids — even for the musicians among them. Some desire to enhance their performing abilities and get a chance to stand out while rocking the house.

Work progressing on Bayhealth campus near Milford

The Sussex County Council this week received an update on the Bayhealth Sussex Campus project now under construction outside of Milford.

Millville committee gives annexation a thumbs-up

The Millville Annexation Committee met on July 20 and unanimously agreed to recommend annexation of a 31.32-acre property to the town council.

A petition for annexation has been submitted by the Howard Robert Hickman Revocable Trust and Dr. James W. Schiff. The property is located at 32525 Dukes Drive, with the proposed use being a single-family-home development of 94 homes.

Scammers now come at people from every direction

Most of us have received the emails from Nigerian royalty promising to make us millionaries if we send a “small” amount of money their way. Or the free gift cards we can all get through our emails if we just sign up for a trial period of Product X. Or “urgent” emails from banks urging us to sign in on the website they provided a link to in order to keep your assets from being frozen.

‘Delaware History’ documents the Civil War years

I previously published a column titled “Read all about it! — A guide to Civil War Delaware.” (Coastal Point, Aug. 31, 2012). It included a list of publications that dealt with Delaware’s involvement in the Civil War.

Police warn residents to beware of multiple phone scams

No one ever wants to receive a phone call from a loved one in trouble, but authorities are asking the public to be wary and remember that those callers may not be who they say they are.

One Ocean View man received a call from a man who claimed to be his grandson.

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