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Fenwick Island studies dwellings, signs

Like newspaper editors cleaning up wire copy, Fenwick Island’s ordinance commissioners pored over pages of town codes, tweaking and tightening.

County discusses new appeals process

Sussex County Council considered draft legislation that would create a new appeals process for parties aggrieved by county decisions regarding subdivisions, at the Aug. 23 regular council meeting.

County Attorney Jim Griffin worked some housekeeping on the existing code, which is unclear when it comes to appeals before council.

Family and friends applaud ironman

It’s getting to be Make-A-Wish Triathlon time again (Sept. 24), and Sea Colony resident Peter O’Dunne will likely run again this year — but not before neighbors and family embarrass him a little for his recent accomplishments in sport.

All steam ahead in Bethany Beach

Friday night was good to incumbents in Bethany Beach. The town council’s three officers — Mayor Jack Walsh, Vice Mayor Carol Olmstead and Secretary-Treasurer Tony McClenny — all won reconfirmation at the 7 p.m. reorganization meeting, which preceded the monthly 7:30 p.m. council meeting.

Bethany forges committe form at meeting

It took a few hammer strokes, but the Bethany Beach Charter and Ordinance Review Committee (CORC), having studied underlying issues of mission, formation and composition, settled on some bedrock committee guidelines at the Aug. 18 CORC meeting.

Brand new school welcomes new staff

Big changes around the Indian River School District (IRSD) this year — 47 new teachers in all, according to district Superintendent Lois Hobbs, and a new assistant principal at the new Indian River High School.

Bethany planners consider grandfathering tune-up

The Bethany Beach Planning Commission members revisited grandfathering at the Aug. 20 meeting, having discovered a possible loophole. Building Inspector John Eckrich said Town Attorney J. Terence Jaywork was looking into the matter, and they’d soon have a proposed amendment to the grandfathering ordinance the town passed last October.

Moving Sand: Fenwick Island begins process of building new beach

Atlantis is risen in Fenwick Island this week, as dredging outfit Bean Stuyvesant replaces sands lost to the tides over the past 13 years.

Combined effort saves 49 cats

Tracy Peoples didn’t know what she was getting into. She was trying to assist her boss, real estate agent Virgil Bullis (Coldwell Banker), but they had some major hurdles to overcome, in preparing one particular house for sale.

IRSD reports on accountability ratings

The Indian River School District (IRSD) appears quite “Superior,” to judge from Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) reports at the Aug. 23 School Board meeting.

The IRSD improved to, or held steady at, the top AYP rating of Superior in 10 out of 13 schools this year. That’s up from 8 out of 12 last year (Howard T. Ennis not included in 2004).

Ocean View considers public works options

Ocean View Town Council members and staff spent the latter part of an Aug. 16 workshop studying the possibility of a Department of Public Works (DPW) facility on lands near the town hall — but they couldn’t seem to make it fit.

Community tips scales for bus drivers

That yellow school bus pulling up at the end of the block is a sight most parents take for granted, but fuel costs very nearly became just one burden too many for drivers this year.

Bethany looks to organize

Before holding its regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the Bethany Beach Town Council will gather at 7 p.m., Friday, Aug. 19, to name a mayor, vice mayor and secretary-treasurer.

Ocean View looks to spread CHEER

Age is relative — most people spend their entire lives as a senior to some and a junior to others. Either way, while Sussex County Senior Services (SCSS) started out serving the 60-plus population, the non-profit organization has long since shaved a decade, and now caters to county residents ages 50 and up.

Former mayor critiques town's proposal

South Bethany Town Council played two on Aug. 12, as architect Alvin French (French & Ryan) hosted a public hearing before the regular council meeting.

In fact, the public hearing itself was a doubleheader — council is preparing to seek approval for (1) a new town hall and (2) a new police station. French offered a rather detailed description of both, plus a cost breakdown.

Dollar deals

Tossing aside retirement, local couple points energy at customer satisfaction

For the residents of coastal Delaware, Dollar Buys makes a lot of sense. One Fenwick Island couple hopes it will make a lot of cents too.

Fenwick stays course with council

Municipal hall resembled law school in Fenwick Island Thursday morning, Aug. 11, as the town council listened to town attorney Tempe Steen untangle the town’s law books.

Bethany girls gets national recognition

Athletics have always been a training ground for youngsters to learn how to conduct themselves throughout their lives. They may not always win or play as much as they like, but sports teach an important lesson: how to work as a team. Physical ability is important to having a successful team but it is also essential to have teammates with positive attitudes.

Local girls rolling through series

Look out, Kalamazoo, the District III Big League Softball team has won their first three games of the World Series Tournament and are two games away from the world championship.

Shining the fashion light

Fenwick shop targets customers' needs for fashion

Jeanne Hastings, long-time resident of South Bethany, has continued to satisfy her faithful customers’ demands for interesting and fashionable clothing and accessories at her store, Lighthouse Landing, located in Fenwick Island.

84 Lumber gets go-ahead from county to expand

It was enough.
Any more than one member of Sussex County Council voting in opposition at the Aug. 16 council meeting, and 84 Lumber’s plans for expansion in Clarksville would have run aground.

Council Member Dale Dukes was out — his own Dukes Lumber being a direct competitor, he’d recused himself.

That meant 84 Lumber needed a 3-1 majority — and they got it, with a4-0 vote.

Planners move on without Allen

The Sussex County Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission held its first meeting Thursday, Aug. 11, since the passing of longtime P&Z President John “Jack” Allen.
The chairman’s seat remained vacant during the four-hour session at the Sussex County Administrative Building in Georgetown, but the committee patriarch’s presence was clearly felt.

County postdates housing ordinance

Sussex County Council enacted an ordinance to permit multisectional manufactured homes (24 feet or wider) on private residential lots (as small as half-acre) at the Aug. 16 meeting.

But the ordinance won’t go into effect probably until next summer, when the state implements a new manufactured housing inspection program.

Frankford looks at crime

Frankford, Del. — a small rural town, population less than 750, no taverns, plenty of churches, a feed mill and a brand new high school. And, as any real estate agent will tell you, it’s minutes from the beach.

Fenwick gets the music in them

A guitarist, dressed modestly in a t-shirt and dungarees, stands in front of A Novel Idea, a book retailer in the Village of Fenwick shopping center, as he starts strumming familiar tunes. Shoppers and business owners quickly converge on the smooth sounds, idling with their backs against storefronts or their backsides on chairs and benches.

County looks at appeals process

A bare quorum of Sussex County Council members gathered for a brief council meeting on Aug. 9, to discuss a specific subdivision appeal, but also appeals in general.

Attorney Heidi Balliet, representing the Spring Breeze subdivision project (275 lots, near Angola) petitioned council for reconsideration, following a denial from the county’s Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission.

Millville hires town manager

Millville Town Council announced an addition to staff at the Aug. 9 council meeting — Linda Collins, presently administrative assistant for the town of South Bethany, will become Millville’s new town manager on Aug. 29.

Bethany gets 'clean' annual audit report

Newly selected auditing firm Trice, Geary & Meyers reported a “clean opinion” at the annual Audit Committee meeting Tuesday, Aug. 2.

Ternahan launches clothing label

Bethany resident Bob Ternahan is an American History major, not a fashion designer — but he’s come out with some distinctive designs for the “Ahan” clothing label nonetheless.

Series not all games

A lot goes on to make sure that 150 to 160 girls and coaches have the best time they can in Delaware. But not everything can always go as planned.

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