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SB police renovation begins with moving furniture, mostly

While the South Bethany Town Council brainstorms a way to pay for a police department expansion, they’ll shuffle some rooms around for the time-being, in an effort to reduce, but not eliminate the SBPD’s liability issues.

They will swap the evidence and holding rooms; move the court videophone; add several key-card locks; and install a new exhaust fan.

Car aficionados invited to ‘Cruise-in’ for BBQ at Magee Farms

Coastal Point • Submitted: A Pontiac Bonneville was on show at a recent ‘cruise-in’ event at Magee Farms.Coastal Point • Submitted: A Pontiac Bonneville was on show at a recent ‘cruise-in’ event at Magee Farms.Classic cars, fresh produce and a local festival-food favorite have been combined for a series of “cruise-ins” at Magee Farms’ Selbyville location.

The cruise-ins are the result of pre-season brainstorming, according to Magee Farms employee Katie Bickford, who is coordinating the bi-weekly events. The first Magee Farms Cruise-in & BBQ was held June 16, and although there were only a handful of cars at the inaugural event, Bickford said they were each unique in their own way.

One of the cars was an Austin Marina GT — one of only 12 such cars on the East Coast, Bickford said.

“There were some really cool cars,” she said, adding that she is hopeful that as the summer progresses, “we get a good group together” for local car enthusiasts to enjoy.

Bickford said owners of cars, trucks and motorcycles are welcome to show off their vehicles at the cruise-ins. There is no registration fee, nor is pre-registration necessary. Parking is also free for “spectators.”

Festive Fourth planned throughout the area

Who says the Fourth of July can only be celebrated once each year?

South Bethany parade to cruise local waters

To ignite Fourth of July festivities full of fun and community involvement, South Bethany will be holding its fourth annual South Bethany Boat Parade on Sunday, July 2.

Beginning at 5 p.m., the decorated boats are going to sail across the waters of the Jefferson Creek “bay area” on the west side of South Bethany while visitors and residents watch and cheer from the sides.

Millsboro Kid’s Parade focusing on the fun

The competitive component is off for this year’s Millsboro Kid’s Parade, after the Millsboro Chamber of Commerce created its own event, leaving Kid’s Parade organizers to focus on the fun.

Veterans aim to keep the true spirit of Independence Day alive

It’s more than just celebrating the United States’ birthday — it’s also about recognizing the individuals who fought for the freedom that keeps the nation alive.

Veterans residing in Southern Sussex County express their feelings about Independence Day and the local celebrations that revolve around it.

Homemade ice cream and more on offer this Saturday

The annual Zoar United Methodist Church Ice Cream Festival will be held on Saturday, July 1, at 4 p.m., featuring homemade ice cream, as well as other desserts, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken-salad sandwiches and more.

Flying over Delaware beaches… now and then

Coastal Point • Submitted: Abraxas’ painting of Joe Hudson.Coastal Point • Submitted: Abraxas’ painting of Joe Hudson.During the 1940s, Joe Hudson began his flying career while still in high school, as a student fish-spotter. Today, he is known as the “dean of Delaware crop-dusters.”

Meanwhile, by the summer of 2016, Cape Henlopen High School students had been flying camera drones and taking pictures of Delaware beaches, including the World War II fire-control towers, for almost two years.

Thanks to a very unique photography class and enthusiastic art teacher Jason Fruchtman, these students learned to master the camera drone and create these stunning images.

More than 70 years ago, Lewes High School students were quite literally flying over these same beaches for a very different reason. It was not a class. They were at work, fish-spotting. Just how did these guys get to do this?

Growing up in Harbeson during the 1930s and ’40s, Joe and his best friend, Ted Freeman, hung around the airport in Rehoboth Beach. They washed planes, got a job “sweeping up,” then traded more work for flying lessons.

In ninth grade, Joe took his first airplane ride, in a J-3 Cub, and he continued to work delivering milk to the Georgetown Airport each morning at 4 a.m. Once the sun came up, he could watch the Navy trainers practice carrier landings and “snatch guys up off the ground by a hook.” The trainers flew over the Delaware Bay from their home at Cape May County Naval Air Station in Wildwood, N.J.

Children get a head start with Carver’s Lenhart

Coastal Point • Laura Walter: Noel Lenhart was named Teacher of the Year for 2017-2018 at the G.W. Carver Educational Center.Coastal Point • Laura Walter: Noel Lenhart was named Teacher of the Year for 2017-2018 at the G.W. Carver Educational Center.Noel Lenhart has always loved education, ever since she was a little girl.

“I just always loved going to school. … I was the one who wanted the workbook at the end of the year,” Lenhart said.

She chased that love into a career and was recently named the Teacher of the Year for 2017-2018 at the G.W. Carver Educational Center in Frankford.

Lenhart teaches children ages 3 and 4 who have developmental delays in the Indian River School District’s TOTS (Transitioning Our Toddlers to School) program.

“I’ve always loved this age group,” Lenhart said. “I think early intervention is so, so important, because it levels the playing field with their peers. The more early services they can get, the less they are behind.”

Local author tells tale of ‘The Girl from Guantanamo’

Nearly 60 years ago, a young sailor named Don Roth found himself aboard a Navy ship along the coast of Cuba. It was 1958, and the island nation was on the brink of a revolution.

‘25 Years of Good Food & Good Evenings’

Sedona celebrates 25th anniversary with brand-new look, menu inspirations

Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: The crew at Sedona is ready to celebrate their 25th anniversary this summer with some all new offerings in Bethany Beach.Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: The crew at Sedona is ready to celebrate their 25th anniversary this summer with some all new offerings in Bethany Beach.It’s a greeting as simple as it is signature.

On every warm summer night since 1993, Marian Parrott has welcomed every one of her guests in the same warm way: “Good evening, and welcome to Sedona.”

With the award-winning Bethany Beach restaurant currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, Parrott will lend the familiarity of the phrase to the title of her upcoming opus, “25 Years of Good Food & Good Evenings.”

But while the book will be a celebration of the restaurant’s past — even getting into the location’s World War II days as the Collins Tea Room — in honor of their 25th year, the team at Sedona is equally celebrating their future with summer specials, the formation of the “Sedona Social Club” (coming this fall), a revamped menu and a completely renovated restaurant aesthetic.

Fenwick to change beach rules for umbrellas, tents, smoking

It’s a debate that’s been working its way down the Delaware coast. And Fenwick Island is the latest town to consider limiting oversized umbrellas and tents on the beach.

The Fenwick Island Town Council approved on June 23 a first reading of new beach regulations and is expected to vote to enact the ordinance at their July 28 meeting.

Dagsboro’s Cole Haden takes his act on the road

Special to the Coastal Point • Christina Weaver: Cole Haden outside the MIlton Theatre.Special to the Coastal Point • Christina Weaver: Cole Haden outside the MIlton Theatre.When I wrote an article about him in the Coastal Point two years ago, Cole Haden was preparing to leave Dagsboro for the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He was his class valedictorian at Sussex Central High School, and an activist and leader for gay rights in Sussex County schools.

He had acted in several school plays and at Clear Space, regularly did stand up with the Delaware Comedy Theatre, and played keyboard and performed musical theater at the Freeman Stage.

He could taste the future and was so ready.

Fast-forward. What has happened in these past two years?

To nobody’s surprise, Haden has taken advantage of every opportunity and kept his head firmly on his shoulders.

The bottom line is that Haden is the frontman for the band Model/Actriz, which is spending its summer on a 12-seater bus with another band and all their equipment, on a 15-city, national tour. Those cities include Los Angeles, Chicago, Brooklyn, Houston and Milton, Del. Oh, and this is after performing in various European capitals during the spring!

“Moving to Boston really influenced the way I make music,” said Haden. “There is so much diversity at school and in the city. Meeting so many new people has opened my mind to all the differences in people, and, even more, our similarities. As humans, we all have the same desires, dreams, sufferings and loves…”

MillVols donate backpacks to foster children

Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: Members of the MillVols stand with backpacks they are donating to foster kids.Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: Members of the MillVols stand with backpacks they are donating to foster kids.When children are pulled into the foster-care system, it can happen in a matter of minutes. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the night, with police downstairs and a social worker telling the child to pack her belongings into a trash bag.

“You’ve got 10 minutes to pack your life away, and it’s not fair,” said Pat Moulder.

She and the Millville Volunteers wanted to make life easier for children as they enter the system. They recently collected more than 35 backpack care packages for local foster children, ages 10 to 15. A typical bag included toiletries, activity books, colored pencils, a novel, nail polish, socks and a water bottle. Each also included a warm fleece blanket to provide extra comfort during tough times.

The bags themselves are something nice that the kids can own and use, at school, the beach or just trekking around. Most importantly, it’s a step up from a trash or grocery bag.

Toomey honored by DoD for patriotic support

Dagsboro Police Chief Floyd Toomey knows what it’s like to serve his country.

Toomey, a Sussex County native, first enlisted in the National Guard in 1973 but took a 19-year break in service before returning to the Guard. He was last deployed to Afghanistan for a year — from 2012 to 2013 — and has since retired as Guard sergeant-first-class in the Maryland National Guard.

Beach & Bay Cottage Tour Sneak Peek No. 9 — N. Bethany oceanfront home

Coastal Point • Submitted : Sweeping ocean views and clean architectural lines merge in this North Bethany home.Coastal Point • Submitted : Sweeping ocean views and clean architectural lines merge in this North Bethany home.(Editor’s note: This is the ninth in a series of previews of the homes that will be on display during the 26th Annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour, to be held July 26 and 27 from 9:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.)

After 25 years of shared vacations in their gated North Bethany community, the extended family of the owners of this house had grown to 20, and their 1992 oceanfront beach house was bursting at the seams. At that point, the owners passed the baton to the next generation to tackle the task of rebuilding their beloved beach retreat.

The new 7,100-square-foot home resembles a contemporary two-story farmhouse and is designed to comfortably sleep 28, with 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

A wide, light-filled vaulted entry, straddled by two guest wings, leads to the main gathering area, where, on any given weekend, all three generations can be found enjoying the kitchen, dining and living room that span the rear of the house. Folding glass doors offer the option to completely open that area to the screened porch, seamlessly expanding the living space and panoramic ocean views dramatically.

Extra Points — June 30, 2017

River Soccer Club ‘Fun Day’ headed for Jolly Roger’s Splash Mountain

The River Soccer Club will host their annual “Family Fun Day” at Jolly Roger Amusement Parks on Sunday, July 30.

Everyone is welcome to join in the event taking place at the water park’s “Splash Mountain” from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Beebe announces $180M expansion, to include Millville area

Beebe Healthcare’s Board of Directors earlier this month approved a proposal for a comprehensive expansion of the system over the next several years. The $180 million expansion will touch three communities — Lewes, Rehoboth Beach and Millville.

Tech admins on leave after allegedly bending major finance rules

Construction projects in the single-school Sussex Technical School District have caught negative attention from the state auditor.

IRSD scrutinizing school-choice enrollment procedures

The Indian River School District has been juggling school choice for the past few months. Between space constraints and the now-resolved question of next year’s kindergarten program, school board members have spent more time each month combing through their rules on and goals for school choice.

‘O’ you should Positive-ly donate to Blood Bank of Delaware

Imagine giving birth to a first child. It should be the happiest day of one’s life. Now, imagine an unforeseen complication that causes the mother to lose so much blood she needs a 400-unit transfusion.

While some may say, “This will never happen to me,” each year 5 million Americans need a blood transfusion.

Fenwick Island group learns about human trafficking

When Jenna Carnuccio traveled to help fight sex slavery in Thailand, she said, many of the clients were white men picking up local teenage prostitutes in white-owned bars. The men were sometimes delighted to meet another American so far from home.

IRSD sets new property tax rate with 52-cent increase

The Indian River School District this week approved the tax rate for this autumn.

For the 2018 fiscal year, the property tax rate will increase from $2.578 to $3.097 per $100 assessed value (which, in Sussex County, is much less than actual appraised real estate value).

Bethany planning longer, smaller-scale fireworks show

Bethany Beach’s traditional Fourth of July fireworks celebration may be a little less grand this year but could also last a little longer — both changes being a function of the Town’s storm-narrowed beaches.

Local vendor sale set for Sunday, June 25, in Bethany Beach

A group of local vendors will hold their first annual vendor event on Sunday, June 25, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Bethany Beach fire hall. The event will feature local vendors selling apparel, jewelry, makeup, skincare, health and wellness supplies, home decor and more.

County denies conditional-use application for ‘tiny home’ campus

The Sussex County Council voted unanimously this week to deny a conditional-use application for a “tiny home” campground in the Long Neck area.

Architect and property owner Joy Marshall Ortiz told the council she wanted to create a small, sustainable small-home community on her 4.199-acre property, located on the north side of Cordrey Road, approximately 800 feet west of Streets Road.

Lord Baltimore Lions Club focused on community

Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert : The Lord Baltimore Lions Club donated two benches each to the Lord Baltimore and John M. Clayton elementary schools.Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert : The Lord Baltimore Lions Club donated two benches each to the Lord Baltimore and John M. Clayton elementary schools.For 71 years, the Lord Baltimore Lions Club has been working to addres the needs of the community it serves.

According to its website, “The Lord Baltimore Lions Club meets the needs in our communities and the world. Our volunteerism spans from assisting the visually impaired, assisting LOVRNET (low vision rehabilitation network) interviews, working with local youth through scholarships, etc., providing emergency assistance to individuals and families, building ramps for handicapped individuals, providing medical equipment to those in need, etc., as well as providing disaster relief as needed.”

“We have four major areas of focus, but we also respond to community needs. Mainly, this year, it’s been vision, youth, environment and fighting hunger,” said club President John Monahan.

For the club’s Legacy Project, as a part of Lions Clubs International’s Centennial Celebration to commemorate its 100th anniversary in 2017, the Lord Baltimore Lions donated benches to two area elementary schools.

Emergency training to be held at Lord Baltimore next week

Anyone driving by Lord Baltimore Elementary School next week who notices a large gathering of emergency-services vehicles should not be alarmed.

The Ocean View Police Department will be hosting Rescue Task Force (RTF) Training for three days next week, on June 26-28.

OVPD to hold bike checkpoint with help from Hogs for Heroes

For more than a decade, the Ocean View Police Department has held a bicycle safety checkpoint in the summer. At those checkpoints, cyclists are welcome to stop and have officers inspect their bicycles, as well as receiving free safety items, including a light kit.

This year, the checkpoint will be held on Thursday, June 29, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the Taylor Bank parking lot.

Inaugural Coastal Garden Tour shines light on local gardens

Coastal Point photos • Susan Lyons: A glimpse of one of the gardens that will be featured on the inaugural garden tour on Thursday, June 29.Coastal Point photos • Susan Lyons: A glimpse of one of the gardens that will be featured on the inaugural garden tour on Thursday, June 29.Nine private gardens and one local landmark in the Fenwick Island area will be in the spotlight next week, and members of the Barefoot Gardeners Club have been very busy getting those gardens ready for their close-up.

On Thursday, June 29, the club will host its inaugural Coastal Garden Tour, featuring nine homes located on the oceanside, bayside and in between. The Fenwick Island Lighthouse grounds, which the club members have also been tending to for years, will also be a highlight of the tour.

Last Saturday morning, many of the club members attended a “preview” tour, during which Gregory Tepper — director of horticulture for the Delaware Botanic Gardens — provided helpful information on each garden to the Barefoot Gardeners members who will be hosting each of them on tour day.

As Tepper and the gardeners traveled to each garden, he could be heard uttering the scientific names of many of the plants on display and giving tips as to where each grows best. At one stop, Tepper gave advice that could be the theme for all gardens: “It’s trial and error,” he said.

The gardens on the Coastal Garden Tour are a testament to that. Some have been planted, replanted, cultivated and loved for more than 50 years; others have been brought to their present glory after being recreated and reimagined after storms and home renovations have done them harm.

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