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Tripple Overtime: There’s a ‘Back to the Future’ Cubs’ conspiracy even though now technically the future is kind of the past

Theoretical physics. Rubik’s cubes. Where exactly “the Cloud” is. Whether Cobb’s totem stopped spinning or no at the end of the movie “Inception” featuring Jason Gordon-Levitz (“Snowden,” “Third Rock from the Sun”) and Leonardo DiCaprio (“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?,” pretty much every Martin Scorsese movie ever made) and also the movie’s entire not-so-basic plot, too.

Tripple Overtime: The ‘Redskins Rule' and Peyton Manning or Maggie Ford for POTUS

America: The land of the free. The home of the brave. The birthplace of the word “supersize” and adult-onset diabetes.

Tripple Overtime: Stranger things: I ain’t scared of no buzzard (I’m actually terrified, LOL)

If you know one thing about me, it’s that I’m scared of birds. But also, after catching a few episodes of the show “Stranger Things” on Netflix, and since, apparently, I’m, like, 6, I’m also pretty scared of the dark (ghosts, aliens, demogorgons messing with my soul, Democrats messing with voting ballots, etc.).

Triple Overtime: IR/Central soccer among best undefeated battles in sports history

There were a lot of shrugs and “I don’t know”s and “Do you only own, like, one shirt, or what’s the deal?”s in my own personal discussions about the Indian River High School and Sussex Central High School soccer teams before they faced off on Tuesday.

Tripple Overtime: Sammi Whelen’s cornrows not the weirdest sports superstition

To quote the famous and fictitious Michael Scott, “I’m not superstitious, but I am, a little stiticious.”

Tripple Overtime: Fantasy ‘sports’ I’d rather do than fantasy football

I don’t really get it, how my friends don’t really get it, how I most definitely do not want to get in on their fantasy football draft.

Tripple Overtime: Ryan Lochte isn’t the only lying U.S. athlete

Throughout American history, the sports world and world in general have seen their fair share of lies and liars.

Tripple Overtime: That time I sort of ate sushi with Michael Phelps

For as much time as he spends in the water, it seems somewhat strange that Michael Phelps does not like fish.

Tripple Overtime: If surfing again after a broken collarbone is cool, then I’m probably a far cry from Miles Davis

There are, as a general law of the universe, only a handful of chances that life allows us to look really unequivocally cool.

Tripple Overtime: Guanyú xiao liánméng shìjiè xìliè sài de zuì hao de shìqíng zhìjin

This week’s “Tripple Overtime” column title translates loosely to “Only the one who does not fear the dragon’s breathe will walk the trail of fire,” or something else like that that you’re probably very likely hear Matt Damon say in “The Great Wall” whenever it’s, for whatever reason, supposed to premiere and whenever he, for whatever reason, is supposed to star in it.

Tripple Overtime: So, uh, I guess I play pickle ball now Pt. II

(featuring Ernest Hemingway)

Before you read, make sure you check out Part 1 of the Pickleball saga:

The assignment was to take the court. There were four of us. Five, if you count The Baron, but he had lost his spot when the reveille call went off, and couldn’t fight as well as he could when I had first met him. And he was young and brave, and the court was dry, despite the rain. And it sloped down toward a road, and there were many curious drivers on the road. And the idea was to aim for the center line, and if our aim was true, we could beat them.

Tripple Overtime: Someone should tell Blake Lively about Sharkbanz®

(Fine, I'll do it)

After watching Blake Lively get just absolutely Amity-Island-style terrorized by a Gigantic White Shark (GWS) in the movie “The Shallows” for roughly 1 hour, 27 minutes, one of two things can be assumed:

Tripple Overtime: Hollywood Jack and the lost pair of shades

(that time I learned to SUP)

The Beginning of the not-so-existential The End came when my friend The Mantis sent me an SMS text message last Thursday.

Tripple Overtime: Is Brexit to blame for England’s Euro loss to Iceland?

(Probably not, no, but still…)

It’s fairly hanging low fruit… or figs… or whatever it is that they eat over in England (not sure… basing all knowledge of the U.K. off Austin Powers), to say that London Bridge is falling down.

Tripple Overtime: How Darren McFadden saved me a fortune on my wireless bill

Not to be confused with “Tripple Overtime Takeover,” in which Indian River High School head soccer coach Steve Kilby often enjoys questioning Tripp’s abilities as an actor while at the same time masterfully clearing up weeks’ worth of discrepancies regarding Patriots’ QB Tom Brady and HC Bill Belichick — in “Reverse Tripple Overtime,” Tripp debates controversial topics from the sports world and world at large with his reverse-self, Ppirt (one of the P’s being silent… not sure which). Why he does this instead of just, like, talking to a real human being about it, or, you know, just not doing it all, like a normal person, we are not sure.

Pickle Overtime: So, uh, I guess I play pickleball now

I had been putting it off for, let’s say, like, exactly a year or so, give or take.

Tripple Overtime: For the Indians, revenge is a dish best served…

Revenge is a dish best served… Well, that’s it, really. Revenge is a dish best served, regardless of what I can only assume would be its metaphorical temperature (hot, cold, etc. — never really understood the idiom and its apparent ties to Quiznos sandwich chefs, if I’m being honest).

Tribe Top Five: The best of IR spring sports in 2016 (pretty much)

Thanks to El Niño, even though it’s pretty much Memorial Day — which is pretty much the unofficial start to summer, more or less — it hasn’t felt like spring until pretty much right now.

Tripple Overtime: I don’t want to blame it all on El Niño, but it certainly didn’t help

“I haven’t seen the sun in so long that I can hardly remember what it looks like anymore…” would be a grossly exaggerated statement and, also completely inaccurate, if I were to make it.

Tripple Overtime: If the ‘Running Man Challenge’ is cool, then Coach Ayers is Miles Davis

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into last Tuesday. Literally. In fact, even while I was getting myself into it, someone said: “Hey Tripp, what did you get yourself into?” And I said: “I don’t know.”

Triple Overtime: ­If missing out on sports moments and not knowing acronyms is cool, then call me Miles Davis

All the cool kids have been saying it for a while, which is why it’s so surprising that I’m just learning about it now.

Tripple Overtime: Is lowering the rim sexist or? Ask Elena Delle Donne

You play ball like a girl.

Aside from “You know, if my dog was as ugly as you, I’d shave his butt and tell him to walk backwards,” and “You’re killing me Smalls!,” it’s probably the most memorable line from the 1993 cinematic classic, “The Sandlot.”

Tripple Overtime: Wintertime Rewind

Top five IR sports moments of winter 2016

While most non-cave-dwellers have already sprung forward, this week in “Tripple OT” we’re wintertime rewinding instead — which is definitely not because we forgot about the whole setting the clocks back thing until very early Sunday/very late Saturday, depending on how you look at it, and more so because a lot of noteworthy stuff happened this winter and spring sports are practically in full swing now.

Tripple Overtime: Better great than never: John Elway and Leonard DiCaprio have a lot in common

He missed out on one for “Gilbert Grape” in 1994, and it’s been eating at him ever since. But last Sunday night, some 22 years later, and at the revenant-ripe age of 41, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won an Oscar for Best Actor.

Tripple Overtime: The best black athletes to ever play ‘white sports’

(It’s Black History Month)

After last week’s “Tripple Overtime Takeover,” where Coach Kilby laid into me like a comedian into Justin Bieber during a Comedy Central roast, I vowed to never again slander his beloved New England Patriots, a model NFL franchise, or his beloved Tom Brady, a model NFL… model, or his beloved Bill Billichick — who, considering his keen fashion sense and always animated demeanor, should really consider modeling.

Tripple Overtime Takeover: A Patriots fan strikes back

[Disclaimer: The following “Tripple Overtime Takeover” was written by Indian River High School soccer coach Steve Kilby, in response the continued ridicule of his beloved Patriots’ Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick in “Tripple Overtime.” Aside from the jokes about Chris Clark, it is all written in jest… We think...]

Tripple Overtime: U.S. presidents who you didn’t even know were into sports (It’s Presidents Day)

There’s a lot we know about the past presidents of the United States (of America). Abraham Lincoln could never tell a lie. George Washington had wooden teeth and, from far away, he kind of looked like an old lady in that powdered wig he was always wearing. And even after being elected, twice, George W. Bush is still a huge disappointment to his father.

Tripple Overtime: If beaver trapping is a sport (and/or cool), then Leonardo DiCaprio is Miles Davis (‘The Revenant’ review)

If you’re being rational, then you can agree that I am just as good an actor as Leonardo DiCaprio. Not only because we’re both renowned for our boyish good looks, and certainly not only because we both always shout “I’m the king of the world!” whenever we get on a boat with Kate Winslet, but mostly because we have the same number of Oscar wins (approximately zero, to be exact).

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