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Tripple Overtime: You don’t hafta get all Jack Torrance about waiting for Super Bowl Sunday

If you’re like me, you spent this past weekend stuck snowed in watching “The Shining” in Baltimore, worried about who was gonna snap first should the beer run out before the roads got plowed.

Tripple Overtime: The mystery of the green-and-gold flannel pajama pants: A classic whodunit

It was just before Christmas, and I remember it exactly, because it was very strange. I had just completed the week’s “Tripple Overtime,” expressing my recently renewed holiday spirit (even though it was still somewhat lacking), and was leaving the Coastal Point headquarters in Ocean View when I discovered something — it was some kind of box, and it was resting upon the hood of my car.

Tripple Overtime: Did you know that January is National Ray Lewis Prevention Awareness Month?

(now with footnotes!)1

OK, so technically January is actually “National Stalking Awareness Month,” but I refuse to acknowledge it2. It turns out that there is no nationally recognized month for Ray Lewis awareness prevention yet3, but I think we can all agree that perhaps there should be.

Tripple Overtime: More monkey business: A look at local sports in 2016

If you’re reading this column, it’s probably too late. Also, you might want to get a CAT scan.

Tripple Overtime: 2015 Year in Review: Bring on the Monkeys

Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: Indian River fans celebrate IR soccer’s state championship win in style with baby powder and hugs for all. IR won the game against Caravel 1-0.Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: Indian River fans celebrate IR soccer’s state championship win in style with baby powder and hugs for all. IR won the game against Caravel 1-0.It’s almost as hard to believe as Tom Brady in a statement issued by his publicist. This Thursday marks the official end to the 2015 sports year, as we get ready to say goodbye to the Year of the Ram and usher in the Year of the… Monkey on the Chinese zodiac.

It seems like only yesterday that we were saying goodbye to 2014, which can only mean one thing: I’m getting old. And if I’m getting old, that means Point photographer and zip-off-pants enthusiast Chris Clark is getting ancient. In fact, he should be headed for the home any day now, which would leave me without a photographer unless I can manage to teach one of those Chinese monkeys how to use a camera by then (I mean if Chris Clark can do it…).

But while the Chinese zodiac hasn’t done many favors for the St. Louis Rams in a year wielding their name, it certainly held its fair share of excitement for the Indian River Indians and the entire Sussex County sports scene from start to finish.

Tripple Overtime: A politcally correct Christmas carol (and other Christmas wishes)

Even with all the lights and the Bill Murray Netflix specials and Bethany’s new “Tree of Warmth,” I’ve been Ebenezer Scrooge’ing pretty hard so far this Christmas season. Not really so much to the point where I’m hoarding wealth created by deliberately exploiting the poor, but at least to the point where I’m too busy with work to get my picture taken with Santa and don’t find “A Very Murray Christmas” very funny and get annoyed that apparently you can’t call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree anymore (bah, humbug).

Tripple Overtime: Can we get the Indians a pool, please?

It really is a wonder that the Indian River High School swim team is winning South titles year in and year out, considering that, really, they don’t even have a pool, and that, really, being a school near the ocean, you’d figure swimming would be a sport that got a little more love.

Tripple Overtime: An apology to Kobe Bryant from a journalist (one that did not ridicule him into retirement)

We all know those journalist types, with all of their pushy questions and all of their twisting words and their Twitter accounts with all of their borderline funny comments. They’re really just the worst, right?

Tripple Overtime: The Tribe Top 10 — Fall 2015 Edition

The Indian River High School soccer team capped the 2015 fall sports season the right way on Saturday, with their 1-0 state championship win over Caravel and so much excitement that now it all just seems like one long (but awesome) blur of green and gold, and red and blue from the police and fire truck sirens and, of course, white from the student section covering the Smyrna stands in baby powder by tossing it up in the air like Lebron to celebrate Oscar Cruz’s goal and, eventually, the title.

Tripple Overtime: Kardblock: Only the Redcoats can save us from the Kardashians this app development season

I was standing in the check-out line at Giant last week when I noticed a magazine cover with one of the most disconcerting tag lines that I had ever read: “My Own Story: Khloe Kardashian Breaks Her Silence.”

Tripple Overtime: Kickers are people too, just ask Justin Tucker or Andrew White

With time winding down and everything on the line, more often than not the game doesn’t come down to the star quarterback or the 1,000-yard rusher or even that gargantuan nose tackle that sometimes finds his way into goal-line packages like Mike Ditka and the Bears used to do with William “The Fridge” Perry.

Tripple Overtime: Soccer’s more than just a sport in Sussex County

I wasn’t much of a soccer fan before I moved to Delaware… and for good reason.

Tripple Overtime: The Bethesda ‘Attack Owl’

(We’re probably all going to die this Halloween)

To misquote Jack Kerouac, I’m writing this column because we’re all going to die.

Tripple Overtime: Indians ‘on fire in the rain’ during Thursday Night Football debut

“G-Mart is on fire in the rain” is a comment that I shamelessly copyright-infringed upon for this week’s football article when I saw it posted on the Indian River High School sports app live scoreboard.

Tripple Overtime: Krash says the ‘Steele Cage,’ and so can you

You know that guy who wears the green-and-gold bandana and the pink boa who does the play-by-play at Indian River High School football games on Friday nights? The one that only on the rarest of occasions accidentally leaves the mic on without knowing it and gives the entire Indian River High School football stadium a behind-the-scenes look at the press box, and even then never says anything that would offend anyone, even though, in this day and age, people are pretty easily offended?

Tripple Overtime: Only Phill can save us from Bike Week this … Bike Week

I was in trouble like five words into that headline. Luckily for me, and for the rest of Sussex County for that matter, whenever we find ourselves in trouble, we can always count on Phill to bail us out. And, luckily for you, I always write headlines before I write columns, so I now have no choice but to continue the legend of Phill in this week’s “Tripple OT.”

Tripple Overtime: Don’t jump ship yet sports fans, there’s plenty of season left

What a difference a day can make. Or, with the beginning of football season, I should say, what a difference a week can make.

Tripple Overtime: Are you ready for some fall sports?

Pre-season practices are under way. Two-a-days are being attended (twice daily). And sports fans are clamoring for their favorite time of year.

Tripple Overtime: To RGIII or not to RGIII, that is (probably no longer) the question

“They’re taking another quarterback?”

This is the first thing I heard while sitting at the bar — I mean, eh…coffee shop, when the Washington Redskins drafted Kirk Cousins just three rounds after taking Robert Griffin III as No. 2 overall.

Tripple Overtime: Prescription for a dream

A journey through one broken collarbone, seven screws and 131 painkillers

As I lay looking up the Texas-shaped water splotch on the ceiling — the one I’ve been meaning to paint over for approximately two years now — I wondered how I could possibly be so miserable when just yesterday I had lain in the very same place, looking up at the very same Texas-shaped water splotch, and been perfectly content. I had been perfectly happy, even. Maybe, even happier than I had been in a long time.

Tripple Overtime: Help me Tom Cruise, it’s the LLWS and I’m on the IR

I found out that I had a clavicle this week. Then, I found out that is was broken. Really broken, actually. Like snapped in half and sticking out all over the place broken. Like Owen Wilson in Act III of the movie “Wedding Crashers” broken.

It turns out that, after defying injuries while dropping into the Fenwick shore break for the past 15 years, fate (or Poseidon or Tom Cruise or whatever other mystical forces of the universe and the ocean that were supposed to be watching over me) finally dropped the ball.

The good news is I’ll be back in action in about four to six weeks. The bad news is the Little League World Series gets under way on Sunday and, while my photo-shooting arm should be alright, my mustard-spreading arm is hanging in a sling.

But like all great athletes — or at least sports reporters who write about great athletes — the show must go on, mustard-less hotdogs and all. So, in a misguided attempt to alleviate some self-pity, I decided to take look at a few other tough guys (or girls) who have successfully battled through injuries over the years.

Tripple Overtime: If being charitable is cool, then Lower Sussex locals are Miles Davis

I was all set to write about the great white shark that tried to eat Mick Fanning while he was surfing in the J-Bay Open this week, but then something more exciting happened.

Tripple Overtime: Becky Hammon for president, Hillary Clinton for ‘not-president’

Ever since Rachel Armstrong punched me in the stomach for telling her she “threw like a girl” in third grade, I’ve been pretty wary about what I say when it comes to women and sports. That gut-wrenching shot (that I totally didn’t cry from, by the way) was a pretty good reminder that not only can girls throw, but they can hit too.

Tripple Overtime: The future of IR softball has got me feeling pretty nostalgic

I kept expecting Todd Fuhrman to pull up driving the Indian River gator last Tuesday. There was softball. There was more than one game to cover. And Point photographer Chris Clark couldn’t help me shoot because of some kind of Seacrets Senior Citizen Day, or something or another. It was, more or less, exactly like spring.

Tripple Overtime: Only Phill can save us from the lifeguards saving us this Fourth of July

First he saved us from the great white Septima during Shark Week. Then, he rivaled the incomparable Liam Neeson to save us from a “The Grey”-type scenario during coyote hunting season.

Tripple Overtime: There’s worse curses than the "Madden curse" for Odell Beckam Jr.

Ah, the “Madden curse.” Every year, it’s the same story. But even though the media usually blows it out of proportion, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t played a video game since I got my driver’s license, every year it still seems to strike again.

Tripple Overtime: LSLL Challenger O’s are more entertaining than any O’s team 1998-2012

Does anyone else remember the 14 straight years of losing seasons the Baltimore Orioles put together from 1998 to 2012?

Tripple Overtime: The Tribe Top 10

The year’s most memorable moments in Indian River sports

With the 2014-2015 Indian River High School sports seasons officially in the books, and after rambling on for about 1,500 words about all the boneheaded things that a certain Coastal Point reporter/Tripple Overtime columnist somehow managed to do during said season, I figured this week I’d ramble on about something that actually matters — like the Top 10 plays/sports moments of the school year

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