Bethany Massage & Healing Arts getting comfortable in new location

Date Published: 
Oct. 20, 2017

Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: Christine Webb and Kathy Twining-Bozman show off the new digs in Bethany Massage & Healing Arts’ new location at 33298 Coastal Highway, Bethany Beach.Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: Christine Webb and Kathy Twining-Bozman show off the new digs in Bethany Massage & Healing Arts’ new location at 33298 Coastal Highway, Bethany Beach.The staff at Bethany Massage & Healing Arts are taking a breath after the fast pace of the summer season — their first in their spacious new location. Having moved into their new digs just before Memorial Day, they are now taking advantage of the slower seasons to look at new ways to use all of that new space.

With six massage rooms, including two that are set up for couples, as well as an aesthetician’s room, a meditation space/waiting room and a prep room, owner/massage therapist Kathy Twining-Bozman said, “We love it here! We are so excited to be here and not be tripping over each other!”

Twining-Bozman said she was faced with having to move the 28-year-old business, which she has owned for three years, when the owners of the Hickman Plaza, where Bethany Massage had been located, decided to redevelop the property.

She said she had driven past the location just north of the McDonald’s on Route 1 several times before she stopped in and at her first glance, she knew it was perfect. The best part, she said, was that no construction was necessary to transform the former real estate office into her massage business.

With soft gray walls and strategically placed crystals and salt lamps, soft nature-based music and lavender aromatherapy, the interior exudes a serenity designed to immediately put customers at ease.

Each massage room is similarly decorated, and dark gray curtains can be closed or opened, depending on the desired amount of light. Twin palms adorn the entrance to the lobby and add a natural softness.

Twining-Bozman said massage therapy is a relatively new career for her, having spent much of her adult life as a stay-at-home mom and poultry farmer, and then working as a merchandiser for a plant company. But, she said, she knew she wanted to go to school, “looked into something in health care,” and settled on massage therapy.

“I feel like I have a calling for it now,” she said, “for the really healing work we do here.”

Asked what it takes to be a good massage therapist, Twining-Bozman tapped her chest and said, simply, “Heart. And wanting to help people.” She said all 11 massage therapists (at peak summer season) at Bethany Massage share a similar attitude. In the off-season, there are three full-time and three part-time massage therapists and an aesthetician who provides skincare services, such as facials, wraps and waxing.

While some who visit a massage therapist are simply seeking a bit of relaxation, many are visiting for a more serious reason.

“A lot of it is pain management,” Twining-Bozman said, adding that causes of the pain that massage therapists treat range from simply “sore necks from bending over the keyboard” to more serious conditions. Massage therapists, she explained, are trained in the 10 systems of the body, particularly in muscles and bones and “actions of the body.” To retain their certification, they must take 24 credit hours of continuing education every two years.

Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: This is one of the massage rooms at Bethany Massage & Healing Arts’ new digs.Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: This is one of the massage rooms at Bethany Massage & Healing Arts’ new digs.A recent feather in Bethany Massage’s cap is its inclusion as a preferred provider in Atlantic General Hospital’s Integrative Health Services program, in which alternative medicine is combined with traditional medicine to treat the body, mind and spirit.

“It’s a nice program,” Twining-Bozman said. “We really like the people over there.”

In order to be included in the Berlin, Md.-based hospital’s program, Bethany Massage underwent an inspection process, as well as background checks of all employees.

In addition to both Swedish and deep-tissue massage, Bethany Massage offers the healing practice of Reiki, in 30- or 60-minute sessions. Reiki masters or practitioners use “laying on of hands” while the client is fully clothed, in an effort to reduce anxiety and lead to spiritual healing and self-improvement. The core idea is that Reiki helps trigger the natural restorative abilities of the mind and body.

Massage therapist Christine Webb is also a trained shaman, having completed a course in the healing art through the Utah-based Four Winds Society, which teaches a Peruvian style of shamanism. Webb said she finds shamanism to be a powerful tool in helping people to heal. She said she first became interested in becoming a shaman when she herself was treated by one.

“There was a lot of self-healing when she worked on me,” Webb said.

The healing process, she explained, involves the process of “illumination.” The idea behind illumination is that humans’ emotional, genetic and karmic history organizes energy, and the imprints of that energy can create emotional and physical dysfunction.

When those imprints are removed, according to shamanic teaching, the energy surrounding a person can be cleared of “heavy energies” or intrusions and can be reorganized in a healthier pattern.

Webb said she works with four “archetypes” as a shaman: the serpent, which represents facts; the jaguar, which represents emotions; the hummingbird, which represents mysticism; and the eagle, which represents the energetic field.

She said that while she is working with clients, she gets “messages” about them in the form of visions and that, often, when she tells the client was she sees, they will say, “Oh — I know exactly what that means.” Sometimes, though, the meaning won’t be immediately clear but over time, she said, the client will come to an understanding of its meaning.

“It’s really hard to explain,” Webb said of shamanism, adding that it is and has been practiced by many societies all over the world, even though it is not so prevalent in Western societies. Although she said she does receive information from spirit animals, “I wouldn’t say I’m psychic. I’ve always been interested in this kind of thing,” Webb said. “I’ve always been interested in energy work.”

She said that while it’s not necessary for clients to reveal personal details with her, sessions sometimes become emotional for both her and the client.

Twining-Bozman said Reiki is “another way of bringing the healing arts here” and that “we have a great staff of healers that work here.”

“This is a great healing space,” she said. “I can’t wait to see what we’re going to do next. We’re always open to something else we can do for our clients to help them heal.”

Bethany Massage & Healing Arts is located at 33298 Coastal Highway, Bethany Beach. Business hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, while days of operation may change in the coming weeks. For more information, call (302) 537-0510 or visit www.bethany