Editorial — Area is showing itself to have big shoulders

Date Published: 
Dec. 8, 2017

It wasn’t that long ago when local business owners and Chambers of Commerce would meet to figure out how to create “shoulder seasons” in the fall and spring.

Sure, summers were great for businesses, as visitors would flock to the area to enjoy the beaches, and would visit our shops and restaurants as part of their family vacations. But it was basically a three- to four-month year for business back then, and any hiccup (storm or flooding) could greatly impact a business’ ability to stay solvent.

The area’s great golf courses certainly began to help, as golfers would come in the spring and fall, when lodging was a bit cheaper and the weather a bit milder. Those businesses and Chambers began hosting events in the fall and spring, as well, creating the “shoulder seasons” that continue to gain in popularity each year.

And now we’re noticing that winter has its potential here, as well.

Bethany’s Weekend Wonderland efforts kicked off last weekend, and downtown was packed with people shopping and celebrating the season. Other towns have held parades, tree-lighting ceremonies and other activities, generating both civic pride, and an excuse for people to be around town and visit shops and restaurants.

And we know that our area restaurants do well for New Year’s.

Sure, January and February will be slow, as they always are. And that’s kind of nice, even for the businesses, as it allows people to renovate, redesign or just enjoy some down time with family. But the area is not just a seasonal creature anymore. And that’s good for all of us.