Editorial — Local heroin problem is all of our problem

Date Published: 
Jan. 19, 2018

On Thursday, Jan. 11, there were seven reported heroin overdoses in Sussex County in a six-hour period.

They were not isolated in one “drug den” or neighborhood, mind you. They were taking place in Rehoboth Beach, Seaford, Selbyville and Ocean View, according to Sgt. Rhys Bradshaw of the Ocean View Police Department.

Heroin is currently the biggest problem facing this community. It’s not about too many developments being built, or road projects slowing down our traffic patterns. It’s heroin. It’s the sale of heroin. It’s the theft to pay for the heroin. And it’s the carnage that this filthy drug leaves behind in its wake.

We have written stories in our little community of people struggling with heroin addiction from poor and affluent families, black and white, male and female. We’ve seen our churches open their doors to try to battle addiction through recovery programs, talked with law-enforcement officials who are spending a vast amount of their resources fighting heroin and shared tears with families devastated by the drug.

Enough. As a community, we have to all stand together and say, “Enough.”

The Coastal Point is taking on this issue in full force this year, and we are asking you for your help. Tell us your stories. Share your ideas. Please, let us know what we are missing.

This is our community. Let’s save it.