Editorial — The season is over. Now starts the best season yet

Date Published: 
Sept. 8, 2017

It’s here.

What has been affectionately coined as “Locals’ Summer,” kicked off Monday afternoon, and people from around the community crawled out of their coccoons, hit the beach and visited local shops and restaurants again after the unofficial end of summer that is marked by Labor Day weekend.

You’ll get little argument from people who live here that fall is the best time of year in our community, and those few weeks after Labor Day until autumnal weather comes is when many in the area get in their summer fun. Beautiful weather, less traffic and more room on the beaches combine to create a perfect storm for the year-round population.

Of course, it’s not like the old days, when businesses just “rolled up the sidewalks” after Labor Day. More and more businesses are staying open all year now, and even the ones who don’t will stretch out their open season a little longer into the “shoulder season” now, at least on weekends.

Fall festivals, art shows and other events now serve as draws to both keep visitors coming down over fall weekends, and give residents a little more to do in the fall. And the remarkable Operation SEAs the Day event is now getting rolling throughout the community, allowing the people of this area to thank servicemen and -women and their families for their sacrifices in our defense.

It truly is the best of times.

Step back out into the sun and enjoy some of the “Locals’ Summer.” Hit the beach, go on hikes or just drive up and down Route 54 with your foot not touching the brake. And visit those shops and restaurants staying open past Labor Day. They’re doing it for you.