Fenwick celebrates heritage in new seal

Date Published: 
Nov. 3, 2017

As Fenwick Island approaches its 65th birthday, in 2018, the town council has approved a new town seal with a bright, new 21st-century design.

It all started when the Lieutenant Governor’s Office asked each municipality for a copy of their seals. Town Manager Terry Tieman realized that Fenwick Island has several images floating around.

There’s the old purplish-blue logo with a bluefish and stylized lighthouse that says, “Fisherman’s Paradise,” sometimes found on parking permits.

There’s the black-and-white lighthouse logo, found on town letterheads and official documents.

There’s another colorful lighthouse logo, enlarged to adorn the entrance of town hall.

Which of these was the official town seal? None of them.

Tieman discovered a little-used brown seal with gold text and a more realistic-looking silver fish, surrounded by a simple nautical rope. By today’s standards, it’s a solid design, but not the prettiest.

The council agreed that it was time to update the design, and they wasted little time this week in approving the sample a graphic designer had submitted.

The new design features a white lighthouse, partly in gray shadow, standing against a bright orange sun, with thin, blazing rays of light against a deeper orange background. Those are surrounded by several circles of blue, with the text “Town of Fenwick Island • Delaware • Incorporated 1953.” Finally, there’s a border of small dark-blue fish, encompassed by an olive/khaki-colored rope.

The design celebrates the classic elements of Fenwick Island, such as the lighthouse just outside town limits that was a life-saving beacon for mariners, and the bluefish that originally attracted so many anglers to cast lines into the Atlantic Ocean.