Letters to the Editor — Sept. 8, 2017

Date Published: 
Sept. 8, 2017

Lions take on addiction, overdoses


Eight Lord Baltimore Lions attended this event [an Aug. 31 candlelight vigil in Georgetown] to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic in Delaware and in the country.

There were 308 overdose deaths last year in Delaware. There were over 30 men, women, addicts in recovery, children of addicts, parents of addicts, friends and family of those in addiction and those that have overdosed. There were testimonials of recovery and the struggle to stay sober. There were announcements of recent deaths because of overdoses.

The chief of Ocean View PD, Kenneth McLaughlin, spoke and acknowledged our presence at this event. He told of what it was like only a few years ago when the opioid problem increased dramatically, when addicts would be encountered or ask — no, make that plead — for him and his officers for help. It broke his heart, he said, because then there was very few treatment facilities or medical help available.

The hopeful news is that today there are more places addicts can get help in Delaware. The chief of the Georgetown PD was also there for this event.

I was very proud of our Lions that attended this event and for the support of the Lord Baltimore Lions Club, Form 22-D, and especially the clubs in our area and their zone and region chairs. There is plenty of opportunity across the state of Delaware for the Lions, as the world’s largest service organization, to get out in front of this crisis and help to make a difference.

In association with Attack Addiction, we are exploring ways to help the community — especially the elementary and middle school children and their parents — to become better educated on the death and brain damage caused by these powerful drugs. Addiction is preventable, and education is the key. If you have ideas, suggestion or contacts that will help us to accomplish this, please contact me [at] (301) 774-5084.

Paul Bolton

Lord Baltimore Lions Club